Get Your Daily Dose of Fresh Whole Foods at Our Café


Cafe & Juice Bar

A Better Day @ Beeston Hill Cafe features fresh juices, made-to-order smoothies and healthy meals for before and after your workout as well as meal prep and carry out. The Cafe features all-natural whole food and local ingredients with a focus on health and wellness.


Changes Daily, Call (340) 778-8888 and choose option 3 for our daily specials and to place your to-go order!

Juice Packages

A Better Day Liquid Sunshine Juice Line features daily fresh-pressed, organic fruit and vegetable juice blends designed to flood your brain and body with clean fuel and detoxifying power!

Standard Juice Cleanse

Enjoy 12 different juice blends over 6 days to support all your eliminative organs and improve your blood composition leaving you feeling lighter and stronger! With cleansing herbs such as celery and parsley, hydrating superstars like coconut water and cucumber and muscle building giants like spirulina and moringa you’re sure to benefit from the nutrients you’ve been missing to get rid of the gunk, skyrocket your energy and rebuild the right way!

Better Day Plant-Based Challenge

This includes our Standard Juice Cleanse along with supportive nutrition cooked and prepared for you to pick- up right along with your colorful juices! Kick your cleansing days into high gear with foods that allow your cells access to 100% percent of the energy potential available in your hundreds of trillions of cells! High protein, high fat diets made popular in recent decades contribute to a multitude of symptoms, diagnoses, lack of energy, unimpressive results from hard work in the gym, recurrent infections, low libido, nagging symptoms and countless other unpleasant experiences—give your body a break with energy efficient foods coupled with the convenience of us preparing it all for you at A Better Day! Enjoy six days of plant-based high energy goodness to reset and restore!

Meal Prep

Meal Preparation

Hit all your fitness and nutrition goals with easy to order meal prep packages to fuel your busy work weeks! Pre-ordering your weekly nutrition eliminates temptation to grab unhealthy options that derail you from achieving the health, strength and body of your dreams. A Better Day ensures that you have a delicious and convenient way to achieve great health and high energy! 

A Better Day Peak Performance Protocol

For the athlete who desires an edge, this package consists of high energy, low density meal prep coupled with regular visits with Dr.Micah to learn the science of the elite performer’s body and how to increase the efficiency of metabolism, stamina, improved strength and clear detoxification pathways for peak performance. 

Cleanse & Consultation

Consultation with Dr.Micah is an enlightening and informative experience where her background in Chiropractic, Life Science, Cellular Detoxification and Nutritional Biochemistry sheds light on the root cause of your struggles with health and performance. This session is an in-depth discovery and solution-based interaction that equips you with the knowledge and support to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your health and fitness journey! 


Catering Services

Our decision to cook with healthy and sustainable oils like avocado and coconut sets our dishes apart, allowing foods to maintain their full aromatic and flavor profiles. Specialties include our famous fried or baked seasoned cauliflower, our bountiful fruit feasts, and any traditional dishes you can think of with a flavorful Caribbean kick!

For more details on pricing, packages, scheduling or catering please call (340)201-7637 or (340)778-8888 ext.3.